Companies in which Core40 maintains ownership positions and active daily management, with the goal of building each company to their strongest possible potential.

Management & Advisory Services

Companies for which Core40 provides management and advisory services as an assist to support or build them to their strongest potential.

Successful Divestitures

We have been lucky to work with the Core40 team since our inception in 2017, and they are definitely the team you want on your side if you want to scale fast and sustainably. Their ability to grasp complex financial and accounting problems and utilize that information to guide the business is something all business owners strive for. Additionally, they have been instrumental in providing input on strategic financing strategies that support our growth without overly burdening the company’s P&L or Balance Sheet.

They have always been a trusted voice in our organization and advise well in all strategic efforts. We fully intend to continue our relationship with their exceptional team as we face new obstacles in our continued growth.

Jared Sanders

President, D1 Network