The Core40 Team


“The difference between a pebble and a mountain lies in whom you ask to move it.”

- Marcus Buckingham

At Core40, we understand that true sustainable business growth and transformation may sometimes seem like an insurmountable ‘mountain’; however, the wide range of experiences held by our team ensures that this becomes achievable. With years of experience running related businesses, our professionals are well adept to provide mentorship, operational execution, and strategic perspective. They have the ability to provide discrete operational support as well as full operational execution when necessary to help your business navigate the constant economic and labor forces that hinder most businesses.

Our accomplished advisors exemplify a deep, multifaceted spectrum of entrepreneurial experiences and industries, which allows us to offer objective, practical, and results-driven advice through one-on-one coaching for smaller businesses. We provide solutions dedicated to supplying the knowledge, know-how, and tools necessary to confidently manage every aspect of your business. We support a culture of approachability; therefore, any of our experienced team members are ready to work with you to build the success you envision for your business.

Meet the Team

Darrin Peters


Todd Pondel

Director of IT

Adam Guth

President of Elite ICT

Ryan LaPlant

President of D1 Networks

Tyler Mott 

Director of Asset Management

Travis Hill

Director of Employee Relations

Jason McBride

Vice President of Training & Compliance

Ryan Wills

Director of Finance